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Integration: The key to successfully manage daily business operations under one roof. 

Having all of the elements of your business integrated into a CRM enables full communication and cohesion from top to bottom within a company. Many people choose to use various systems to cover specific tasks, because there are certain programs that have elements that others don't provide and vice-versa. However, this can create gaps and potential misunderstandings when multiple platforms and multiple users are involved in the process. Electing a model that covers all of your needs and place them under one roof limits communication breaks and allows smooth and effective business and management processes. A more streamlined and homogenous CRM will limit disconnect issues and, not to mention, stress.

Imagine you are trying to help a customer with a particular customer service issue. Having detailed and complete information at your fingertips via a CRM, enables a customer service agent to accurately address the specifics of their case, as each situation is unique. If you have to switch from one program to another to access the same information, confusion arises and makes your organization look less organized and professional. Oftentimes, there are matters that can't be rectified by one person in your company, and it takes a collective effort. With maximized integration, you can transfer the issue to another colleague/ department, who, as a shared access user, has access to same information and/ or notes the original executive did so that everyone is up to speed and nothing is left in the blue.

An integrated system breaks down any communication barriers by connecting all the pieced together under one rood, resulting in a more fruitful relationship between you and the customer and all of your colleagues. How many times do you get frustrated by the various levels within a company and the need to repeat information to get proper assistance? Bridging gaps internally creates transparancy within your business, which is then reflected in your customer service. WIthout customers, there is no business. Keeping both the customer's faith and their loyalty increases profits and customer retention. Not to mention, the happier a customer is, and the more 'special' they feel when engaging with you, the more likely they are to refer you to their friends and business acquaitances. 

The time saved from switching programs and/ or clarifying data will equate to saved money and ultimately earned money. As the saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned; reciprocally, time saved is time earned. That is why implementing a strong CRM is essential in the modern business landscape, as it is utilized more and more by businesses every day.


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