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Features HubSpot
Online Surveys not included
True Social Network Integration yes
Event Management w/ Shared Calendars not included
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) no, only through salesforce
Sales Pipelines yes
Invoicing not included
E-Commerce - Shopping Cart Abandenment not included
Marketing Automation yes
Attribution Tracking yes
Brand Management not included
Shared Access/Delegation yes up to 50 users
Group Management yes
Dynamic Content not included
Conversion Tracking yes
Google Analytics Integration no, they have their own integration
Geo-Location Targeting yes 
Create and Send Coupons not included
Contact Research Tools not included
SMS TXT Marketing not included
Website Builder yes but only for landing pages
Personalized Forums not included
Personalized Wiki not included
Project Tracking & Task Management not included
Ticketing System not included
Shared Access Rights 50 user limit
Media Hosting not included
In-depth Comparison  
Start up Fee $600 for professional / month
Price (based on 5,000 contacts) $400 / month plus package fee
Free Trial Only thorugh a demo
Monthly Emails not included, extra fee at 100 campaign limit
Users 50 user limit
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) not included, only through sales for integration
Lead / Opportunity Management yes, but mostly focused on website tracking
Email Targeting yes
Email Tracking not stored, only as lead generation and no CRM integration
Email Templates not included
Archived Email Campaigns not included
Surveys not included
Media File Sharing & Storage not included
Event Registration not included
Project Management not included
Accounting / Financials not included
Ticketing System not included
Private Wiki Tools not included
Integrated Social Media Manager yes
Website Tracking yes, but only from external sites, can't manage a site 
Website / Landing Page Builder with E-Commerce Yes, but mainly focused on blogging like wordpress
Mobile Application yes
  write up: negative that you are billed annually, for most business it will cost close to $10k up front


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